Kwon Sang Woo Shares Thoughts on Drawing in Highest and Lowest Drama Ratings This Year

Kwon Sang Woo recently opened up about his feelings on the low ratings for his current drama, “Medical Top Team.”

On November 18, Kwon Sang Woo posted a message on his fan cafe and shared his thoughts on the recent 3% rating that was recorded for the latest episode of “Medical Top Team.”

He said, “I guess I was part of the highest rated drama and the lowest rated drama of this year. Since I am human, I’m pretty discouraged and it’s a hard schedule. But I will need to try my best till the end. How can a person do well?”

Kwon Sang Woo also continued, “But I won’t be afraid of the results and I won’t take backward steps. I am planning to finish strong, re-sharpen my sword and show you good things from me. Don’t worry. Because I am the reliable Kwon Sang Woo.”

Kwon Sang Woo starred in “Queen of Ambition” earlier this year, which hit its highest rating of 26.7%. His current drama “Medical Top Team” is faltering in ratings due to its strong competitors like “The Heirs” and “Secret Love.”

In other news, Kwon Sang Woo made headlines a couple weeks ago for having said to receive lovecalls from the “Daddy! Where Are You Going?” team for possible future appearances.