2AM Pre-Releases First Track “Just Stay” Off Third Mini Album “Nocturne”

Male vocal group 2AM decided to surprise fans and give them a sneak peek of their third mini-album, “Nocturne” by pre-releasing their track, “Just Stay.”

“Just Stay” is a product of composers Ra.D and D.ear and is bound to envelope you in its addictive R&B melody and melancholic content. Like all love songs, the theme is centered around unrequited love and appears to be conceptually similar to 2AM’s previous track, “A Friend’s Confession.”

2AM couldn’t express their excitement with the early release of “Just Stay” and released a statement saying, “This is the first time we have decided to pre-release a track. We feel a different type of nervousness as opposed to when we’re releasing a track at the originally set date. We hope you love our song, especially since it marries Ra.D’s uniquely sweet and special emotions and 2AM’s vocals very nicely.” 

After releasing “Nocturne” on November 27, 2AM members will be holding a concert on December 7 – 8 in the Seoul Olympic Stadium.