2NE1 Releases New “Missing You” Image Teasers, Announces Comeback Performance

2NE1 has unveiled new image teasers just hours before their full music video release at midnight KST! These images are different from the ones used for the the audio previews of each member’s part in “Missing You.”  They have the same moody, lonely, and snowy atmosphere as the previous teasers, but are set inside instead.

In an interview with Osen on November 19, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk described 2NE1′s “Missing You” as a tear jerker. He stated, “This is a strange song. It has the refined finish of a pop song, however it also has a peculiar quality. I didn’t intend to make a sensitive song, but tears flow automatically while listening to the song.”

Yang Hyun Suk is not the only one with that reaction. The CEO recalls the story of how the song made his wife cry. He said, “While recording this song, I was crying so much that I wasn’t making much progress. I thought that was weird, so I played it for my wife and she immediately started to cry. I’m very curious to see the public’s reaction.”

2NE1 has also announced their first comeback stage for “Missing You.” It will be at the 2013 MAMA being aired live this Friday, November 22 KST. Can’t wait!