Lee Jong Suk Will Be Lending His Voice to the Visually Impaired

Actor Lee Jong Suk will be lending his voice to the visually impaired by participating in Standard Chartered Bank’s “Kind Library Project Season 3,” which will start on November 25.

“Standard Chartered Bank’s Kind Library Project” is now in its third year, and is a campaign to create audiobooks for the visually impaired, through the ‘donation’ of voices.

Not only is Lee Jong Suk participating in the program and ‘donating’ his voice, he is also recording a promotional clip and video showing others how to join the campaign. Moreover, the actor will be actively doing promotional activities, as well.

For the first time, the project will include an audiobook with commentary on 500 works of art, as well as a smartphone application.

The public relations director of Standard Chartered Bank, Kim Ji Eun, said “We chose Lee Jong Suk because of his kind image, his mid-low vocal tone, and his smooth and comfortable voice. We had over 110,000 participants total over seasons 1 and 2, and we hope everyone thinks of us this year, too.”