Lee Kwang Soo, Jang Hyuk, Jo In Sung, and Kim Su Ro Watching a Musical Together Supporting A Friend

Kim Shin Ee, vocalist from indie band Monni, shares a photo taken during a casual dinner with his friends who are rather familiar to anyone who’s been in the K-Pop world for some time.

On November 20, he tweeted a photo and included the message, “Thanks to Jang Hyuk hyung, Su Ro hyung, In Sung, Kwang Soo for the pleasant meeting and round of beer!! I was quite nervous having to act in front of these great actors.”

In the photo, the star of the night is hovering in the middle while his hyungs Jang Hyuk and Kim Su Ro shows off their pearly whites while the youngsters Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo maximize on their cuteness with victory signs.

Kim Shin Ee is currently taking on the role of Michael in the musical “Murder Ballad.”