Performances from the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards

Many of K-Pop’s biggest stars gathered in Hong Kong last night for the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

The biggest winners for the night were G-Dragon, Cho Young Pil and EXO. For more results, check out our full show recap here.

For the past few weeks, news of the various special performances and collaborations were revealed, creating event more anticipation for the night.

Full Show

(Timestamps are for full show video above. May be only available in some countries.)

(2:07) Opening stage by EXO‘s Kai, Jaurim, Lee Haneul & Jay Park

(2:24:30) Trouble Maker and Infinite‘s joint stage was the first performance of the night. Trouble Makers’ stage kiss and the twist ending with Infinite definitely made this a memorable stage.

(2:43:44) Aaron Kwok Performance

(2:55) 2NE1 performed “Lonely” and their latest track “Missing You” for the first time ever. CL then went on to join Icona Pop for their performance.

(3:19) Dancing 9 Performance

(3:29) Ylvis and Crayon Pop teamed up for “The Fox Say BarBarBar,” melding together two of this years viral hits.

Performance :Superstar K5 winner Park Jae Jung and Superstar China winner Zhu Jia Jia

( 3:54:25 ) EXO had a long musical styled stage, showing off new dance movies and remixes of their songs.

(4:28:30) Lee Seung Gi Performance

(4:49 )Rain, having completed his military service, returned to the stage for the first time. After performing several of his iconic songs, it ends with “Rain falls again 2014.1.6,” teasing a comeback date.

(5:07:30 ) TOP, G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seung Ri all have solo stages. Big Bang then performs “Fantastic Baby” in the artist seating area, bringing up Hyori, Seohyun, Hyoyeon and more to join in at the “dance dance dance dance” part.

(5:45:30 )For the ending, Stevie Wonder, Hyorin, Aaron Kwok came together for a song. 

(5:57:25 ) Paris Hilton DJs during the credits sequence. It was fun to watch all the idols and idols having a big pillow fight to end the show.

Trouble Maker & Infinite “Gangs of Hong Kong”

Aron Kwok Performance

2NE1 Performance

Icona Pop + CL

Dancing 9 Performance

Ylvis + Crayon Pop Performance

Performance :Superstar K5 winner Park Jae Jung and Superstar China winner Zhu Jia Jia!

Performance: EXO – “Growl” “Wolf”

Performance: Rain

Performance: TOP, Taeyang, Seungri, G-Dragon, Big Bang

Finale: Stevie Wonder, Hyorin, Aaron Kwok

Ending – Paris Hilton

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