The Stars and Winners of the 34th Blue Dragon Movie Awards

While most of you were away watching the amazing MAMA ceremonies, there happened to be another major award ceremony occurring at the same time. Yes, I am indeed talking about the Blue Dragon Movie Award, one of the biggest if not biggest movie related award ceremonies of the year. 

The Blue Dragon Movie Awards has always been known for how elaborate the ceremony is, from the red carpet to the awards, and the 34th iteration of this prestigious award ceremony certainly didn’t disappoint. Here is a gallery of pictures from the red carpet event where stars showed off everything, from the luxurious to the downright risqué of fashions. 

We’ll also reveal all the major winners of the 34th Blue Dragon Movie Awards at the tail end of this gallery. If you rather not look through pages of pictures of lovely stars, then you click on the link here to skip straight to the award winners. 

Lets get this show on the road!

The MCs For The Night – Kim Hye Soo And Yoo Joon Sang

Lets start off with the two MCs for the night, the always lovely Kim Hye Soo and her partner for the night’s proceedings, Yoo Joon Sang. Kim Hye Soo has been a staple of these award ceremonies for longer than my short memory can remember. However I certainly wouldn’t forget her dazzling array of dresses in years gone by. You can always trust her to push the envelope in terms of dresses and this year was no exception with a rather revealing upper half that accentuates her body lines much more clearly. 

Then we have Yoon Joon Sang, with his rather clean looking black and white contrasting suit. Black and White is going to be a rather common theme for this year’s awards as you’ll soon see.


Another Shot Of Kim Hye Soo

Why? Because she’s amazing that’s why.


Nam Bora

Next we have Nam Bora in a innocent looking white dress. 


Lee Joon

Next we have Lee Joon in a clean black suit with a flower in his hand. His movie “Rough Play” did pretty well this year so hopefully he manages to win something this year.

So Yi Hyun

Here we have So Yi Hyun in a rather deep cut white dress. The tight fit does well to accentuate her lovely waist line. 


Hwang Jung Min

Hwang Jung Min gives a thumbs up to the camera and we give him a thumbs up for his clean looking attire and positive attitude. 

Park Ji Soo

Here is an actress you may not be fully aware of. This is actress Park Ji Soo. She made her movie debut  in the fairly well reviewed movie “Mai Ratima” that went to screens earlier this year. She is certainly one to look out for.


Lee Hyun Woo

Next we have Lee Hyun Woo, who I believe is quite popular amongst our readers. He certainly appears to be happy to be at the awards.


Erae – Kal So Won

It wouldn’t be fair if all we did was cover the big grown up adults. So here is the two 2006 pair, Erae in the lovely looking red dress and Kal So Won in the elegant black dress. They are both talented actresses in their own right and I look forward to seeing them in more future works.


Kim Min Hee

Well I already broke my lovely looking black and white picture pattern so lets just go with it. Here is Kim Min Hee in a thin black dress with patterns that remind me of the Mandelbrot Patterns (If you don’t know what that is, look it up and prepare to have your minds blown open). 

Lee Jung Jae

Yeah, I’ve completely given up on my black and white pattern. So in celebration here is Lee Jung Jae in what appears to be a blue suit made of felt.


Gong Hyo Jin

Wouldn’t be a movie award without fashionista Gong Hyo Jin appearing. This year however she is in a rather subdued dress with just some minor accents on her waist. Still looks great though.


Lim Seulong

Here is Lim Seulong, who appeared in the movie “26 Years” late last year. He also happens to be a great singer, but I’m sure you all know that already.


Uhm Jung Hwa

A regular sight at movie award ceremonies. This year Uhm Jung Hwa appears to have attached a giant folding fan to her dress or maybe it’s a giant paper crow.


Han Hyo Joo

I’m starting to run out of adjectives to describe all these lovely dresses. Here is Han Hyo Joo in a black dress that seems to be covered in little curls. 


Joo Sang Wook

Clearly black is a bit overdone at this point, so here is Joo Sang Wook in what I believe is a wine red suit (The only colors I’m intimately familiar of are the seven colors of the rainbow)

Lee Eun Woo

Leaving some of the best for last. Here is Lee Eun Woo in a rather deceptive looking dress. The thin fabric and skin colored sides really does make it seem like she is just wearing a black bit of cloth on the front. She would probably take my award for most risqué looking dress for the awards but….


Kim Sun Young

Like I mentioned in the previous page, Lee Eun Woo would have gotten my “Most Risqué Red Carpet Dress” if it wasn’t for Kim Sun Young here with her back revealing dress and her absolutely amazing array of tattoos covering most of her body. The combination of her tattoos and her dress really works well together here and is definitely the most Risqué dress of the 34th Blue Dragon Movie Awards.


The Winners

Now here are the winners of the 34th Blue Dragon Movie Awards. I’m sure all of them are as happy as Yeo Jin Goo here, who also happened to win an award,  beating out the other favourite for his award, Lee Hyun Woo. Must be why he’s beaming. 

Blue Dragon Movie Award Winners
Best New Male Actor
Yeo Jin Goo (Hwai – The Child That Swallowed A Monster)
Best New Female Actress
Park Ji Soo (Mai Ratima)
Best New Director Award
Kim Byung Woo (The Terror Live)
Best Male Supporting Actor
Lee Jung Jae (The Face Reader)
Best Female Supporting Actress
Ra Mi Ran (Wish)
Best Male Lead Actor
Hwang Jung Min (New World)
Best Female Lead Actress
Han Hyo Joo (Cold Eyes)

The Winners Cont.

 More Winners.

Blue Dragon Movie Award Winners Cont.
Most Amount of Audience Award
Miracle In Cell No.7
Short Film Director Award
Jun Hyo Jung (Mija)
Director Award
Bong Jun Ho (Snow Piercer)
Best Film Award
Popular Star Award
Lee Byung Hun, Seol Kyung Kyu, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Min Hee
Best Technical Award
Jung Sung Jin (Mr Go)
Best Lighting Award
Kim Sung Kwan (Berlin)
Best Cinematography Award
Choi Young Hwan
Best Music Award
Mogg (Hwai – The Child That Swallowed A Monster)
Best Art Award
Ondrej Nekvasil (Snow Piercer) 
Best Screenplay Award
 Jo Joong Hon, Kim Ji Hae (Wish)
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