YoonA Causes Commotion at School While Filming “Prime Minister and I” + Stills

Can we expect any less?

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA filmed near a local school for her new KBS drama “Prime Minister and I.” In the drama, YoonA plays the character of Nam Da Jung, a clumsy but passionate reporter. As such, Nam Da Jung considers her handy motorcycle as her “lover.”

While filming, male students at the school hung out the window and cheered for YoonA, happy to see the gorgeous idol in person. They screamed, “Noona, look here,” creating a commotion while showing their enthusiasm their favorite star. Laughing, YoonA yelled back, “Get back inside and study!”

yoona prime minister and I

YoonA stars in “Prime Minister and I” with Lee Bum Soo in a love story between South Korea’s prime minister and a young reporter. It airs after “Marry Him If You Dare” on December 9.You can watch the teasers here.