New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 November Week 4

Hyorin Vol. 1 – Love & Hate (Nov. 28)


01 Lonely
02 One Way Love
03 Don’t Love Me
04 Stalker (feat. Mad Clown)
05 Massage feat. Dok2
06 Closer
07 Put on Heavy Lipstick (feat. Zico of Block B)
08 Falling
09 Tonight

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SISTAR’s Hyorin comes before fans as a solo artist with her debut album, “Love & Hate.” Korea’s top producers and musicians have taken part in the album such as Zico of Block B, Dok2, Kim Do Hun, and the Brave Brothers. There are a total of nine tracks in the album that are expected to blow away listeners.

2AM – Nocturne (Nov. 27)


01 Just Be Here
02 You’ll Regret It
03 The More I See You, The Prettier You Seem
04 To an Angel
05 Only You

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2AM returns after eight months with a new mini-album, “Nocturne.” The title track is “You’ll Regret It,” a song with a nocturne melody. The ballad group has worked with top composers and musicians for their latest album. Members, Lee Chang Min and Jung Jin Woon have also took part in writing some of the songs as well.

Lim Kim Vol. 1 – Goodbye 20 (Nov. 25)


01 Goodbye 20
02 What To Do With You
03 Number 1
04 Coloring
05 Carol’s Wordplay
06 All Right
07 You Don’t Even Know
08 Urban Green (Korean Ver)
09 Rain
10 Voice (Feat. Swings)
11 Say I Love You
12 Drunken Shrimp
13 When Was the Truth Important
14 Urban Green (English Ver)

Rookie singer, Lim Kim releases her first full-length album, “Goodbye 20.” The singer has already released many hits such as “All Right,” “Rain,” and “Voice.” This time around, the title track is “Goodbye 20,” a light, cheerful number unlike her previous releases. The song holds lyrics about a girl who realizes that turning twenty isn’t anything different like she had once thought.

VIXX Vol. 1 – Voodoo (Nov. 25)


01 Voodoo (Intro)
02 Voodoo Doll
03 Beautiful Killer
04 Someday
05 The Answer Is You
06 B.O.D.Y
07 Secret Night
08 Say U Say Me
09 My Girl From Today
10 Thank You For Being Born
11 Super Hero
12 Rock Ur Body
13 On and On
14 Hyde
15 Voodoo Doll INST

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VIXX, who also comes before fans with unique concepts, has returned with their first full-length album, “Voodoo.” There are a total of fifteen tracks including the title track, “Voodoo Doll.” The members of the group become voodoo dolls themselves in this interesting number.

Electroboyz mini-album Vol. 1 – The Truth (released)


01 New Beginning
02 Busted (feat. C-Luv)
03 Hiphop Chick
04 It’s Me
05 Mama (feat. An Jae Suk)
06 New Beginning INST

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Rap monsters, Electroboyz have made a comeback with their first mini-album, “The Truth.” The title track is “Busted,” a Brave Brothers production. Co-penned by the Elextroboyz, the song holds lyrics about a guy who forgives his girlfriend for cheating on him because he likes her. C-Luv lends his vocals, making this song all the more anticipated.

D-NA mini-album Vol. 2 – Chapter 2 (Nov. 28)


01 Sad Story
02 Why Goodbye
03 We Are Together
04 What Are You?
05 Because of You

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D-NA makes a comeback after two years in Korea with their second mini-album, “Chapter 2.” The title track is “Why Goodbye,” an electronic dance number with tribal house sounds and repetitive beats. The song holds lyrics about the pain breakup brings. D-NA hopes to show their mature side through this album.

2NE1 (single) – Miss You (released)


01 Miss You

2NE1 returns to the music scene with their latest single, “Miss You.” Composed and penned by Teddy, this rock ballad number has an addictive melody and strong synth sounds. The girls have come before fans in a casual, but sophisticated and sexy manner with “Miss You.”

Davichi (single) – Davcichi Code (released)


01 Letter

Davichi returns this year with a ballad, “Letter.” Jun Hae Sung, who was responsible for composing Davichi’s past hit, “Don’t Say Goodbye,” is also responsible for creating “Letter.” Through the duo’s vocals, the sad emotions of the song can be heard by listeners.

Clover (single) – Dripping (released)


01 Dripping

Clover returns after a year and three months with their third single, “Dripping.” The song starts off with a piano intro, followed by drums, melodic rap, and vocals. The group wrote the lyrics to the song themselves.

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