[Exclusive] VIXX Talks About “The Heirs” Filming Experience, Favorite Concepts, and Ranks Members in Attractiveness

Recently, we caught up with the members of VIXX for an exclusive interview during their “The Milky Way” global showcase in Dallas, and the boys let us in on their lives behind-the-scenes. Read on to find out what they said about things they like to do in their free time, their favorite concepts, and who they think are the most attractive members! If you haven’t already, be sure to also check out our concert recap of the Dallas stop of their global showcase, and support their new music video, “VooDoo Doll!

Soompi: This is your third performing in the United States, after Otakon and KCON in 2012. How is it like seeing all the foreign fans again?

N: First, it’s really exciting. We’re feeling good because we think we grew a lot since the last time, and we’re really happy to meet our fans in America again.

Soompi: You’ve been to both Baltimore and Los Angeles in the past – is there anything, such as food or places, you miss about the US?

N: Of course, we remember our fans the most because we spent the most time with them. The streets are really pretty, so I remember that as well.


Soompi: Out of all of the songs you’ve sang so far in your singles and mini-albums, which one means the most to you or is your favorite?

Ravi: Our third single “On and On” is the most memorable because it was a turning point for us. We were really able to remember that song because we were able to show new colors really well.

Soompi: Is that your favorite concept as well?

Ravi: (in English) Yes! (laugh)


Soompi: How would you rank the members in terms of attractiveness? Who is the best looking?

Ken: Well, I think Ken is first [in looks]. The rest of the members are equal. (laugh)

N: Ken has a lot of charm. I didn’t know he’d put himself first, but I’ll acknowledge it. (all members laugh)

Soompi: You recently had the chance to film for the drama “The Heirs.” What was that like?

Hongbin: I had a pretty small part, but it was a fun experience. If I get another drama part, I want to work hard and show a good image.


Soompi: What is one item you must have while you’re traveling or touring, and why?

Ravi: That’s easy. A voltage converter or adapter.

Ken: I have a lot of facial hair, so I definitely need a razor. (laugh)

N: Because we have been on long travels, I think books are good.

Soompi: Are any books in particular your favorite?

N: Of course! I have a lot of favorites, but this time I brought with me Bernard Werber’s new book, “Third Humanity.”


Soompi: If you had a day off, what would you do and why?

Hyuk: Because I’m so busy, I just want to spend time with my family and friends.

Leo: Me too I would really like to rest with my family in a quiet place.

Ravi: I want to go to a café with my family.

Hongbin: It’s been a while since I’ve been to a sauna with my Dad, so I want to go with him one day.

N: My sister recently got married, so I want to go travel as a whole family to the beach.

Ken: I want to try to sing a duet with my oldest brother.

Soompi: Ken, what kind of song would you sing with your brother?

Ken: Any song! Every song! (Members laugh)

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Soompi: What are your hobbies? Is there anything you’d like to do in your spare time?

Leo: I enjoy listening and writing songs.

Ravi: When I have time, I like to watch dramas. I recently watched “I Hear Your Voice” [starring Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young].

Hyuk: I love to watch dramas and movies.

Hongbin: I like listening to music and taking photographs, so I like to take photos to match it to the music I’m listening to.

Soompi: What do you like to take photographs of?

Hongbin: I love taking candid pictures of people just passing on the streets; their expressions are all different and interesting. Afterwards, I look for songs to match the mood of those people’s expressions, much like OST songs in dramas or movies.


N: In my spare time, I like taking long walks outside and playing games. (laugh)

Soompi: How much time do you spend playing games?

N: I actually don’t have a lot of free time, so I can’t play for long even though I enjoy it. I play the games in little bits from time to time.

Ken: I also like to play games while listening to music. I’ve also been listening to “The Heirs” OST a lot these days. (All members laugh)

Soompi: It seems like all of the members start laughing when Ken starts talking. Is there a particular reason why?

N: He’s funny!

Ken playfully punches N in the arm.


Soompi: It’s almost wintertime – what are your favorite seasons?

Hyuk: I actually love winter! It’s so pretty outside.

Ken & N: I like winter too!

Hongbin: (in English) I like spring!

Leo: I like fall.

Ravi: I don’t really have a preference; I like all of them.

Soompi: What’s in store for VIXX in the future?

N: First, I think we need to improve our skills. We still have a lot of fantasies and goals for the future, so we want to show many more diverse concepts.

Special thanks to JazzyGroup US for inviting Soompi to cover VIXX’s “The Milky Way” global showcase, and Amy Shim for translations.

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