YG’s Composer Teddy and Han Ye Seul Confirmed to be Dating!

It’s been confirmed that YG Entertainment’s in-house composer Teddy and actress Han Ye Seul have been dating for the past six months.

On November 25, a YG Entertainment rep told OSEN, “It’s true that the two are dating. Teddy carefully told CEO Yang Hyun Suk and Big Bang members that he’s seeing Han Ye Seul. YG doesn’t know anything more than that and isn’t involved more than that.”

Han Ye Seul’s side stated, “They were introduced to each other six months ago through an acquaintance and have since been meeting carefully.”

Teddy is a Korean-American who moved to Korea in the mid-late 1990’s after being accepted into YG Entertainment. He made his debut as a leader of hip hop group 1TYM. The group became inactive since 2005 and has spent his time as YG Entertainment’s hitmaker producing many of the label’s hits.

Han Ye Seul is an actress born and raised in Los Angeles, California before heading out to Korea to pursue her dreams of modeling and acting. She made her debut as a model after winning a 2001 super model competition in Korea and has since ventured out to acting. Her last drama was 2011’s “Spy Myung-wol.”

Congratulations to the new couple!