[Event Recap] Kollaboration Star 2013 with Drunken Tiger

We’ve got this year’s coverage of Kollaboration Star 2013, featuring a special performance from K-Hip Hop legend, Drunken Tiger!

Kollaboration, established in 2000, provides Asian-Americans all over the US and Canada the chance to have their voices heard on stage, where they go head to head with other talented performers in an effort to make it to Los Angeles’ Kollaboration Star. Following last year’s inaugural Star competition, this year’s finalists competed for a whopping $20,000 prize.

Here’s some of our highlights from the Red Carpet with some of Asian-America’s favorite artists! 


TOKiMONSTA, LA based music producer and co-star of MNet’s upcoming “Alpha Girls”


Eric Nam, singer and host of After School Club


Shin-B, rapper


David So, YouTube comedian and Kollaboration Star 2013 MC


Mike Song and KRNFX


Arden Cho


Priscilla Ahn

Let’s check out the Kollaboration performances!


Troy & Ariel from Seattle started the competition with a somber, emotional spoken word piece accompanied by piano about the realities of the Asian-Am struggle now and how it parallels Vincent Chin’s murder in 1982.


Mikey “Silver-yo” Silverio came solo from Houston to perform an explosive beatboxing medley.


Washington D.C.’s Dave Yoon performs a heartfelt song he wrote during his trainee period at Cube Entertainment following his departure from season one of MBC’s “Birth of a Great Star.” Yoon was also the winner of the Verizon Audience Choice Award! Congratulations!


Here’s &Blue, representing Kollaboration San Francisco, performing polished harmonies with their soulful, complementary voices. They would go on to win the big $20,000 prize!


Los Angeles winners The Rhee Brothers jammin’ out to a self-composed rock and roll song!


All the way from Toronto, Canada, is Plaitwrights & Charleston Relay with an artful, interactive stage presence as well as an eclectic, whole sound with a medley of instruments.


Kollaboration attendees were also graced with a visually and musically impressive performance by Mike Song and KRNFX, definitely a highlight of the night!

Following the Kollaboration performances was legendary hip hop group Drunken Tiger, comprised of members Tiger JK, T Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy. Most of the tracks performed are featured on Drunken Tiger’s latest album “The Cure,” its main track inspired by Tiger JK’s father’s battle against cancer. David Choi also made an appearance as the guitarist for the track.

Check out some of the exclusive pics from the special performance!



Stay tuned for the official Kollaboration recap video!

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