[Exclusive] Jjun Autographed CD Giveaway and Special Interview!

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Jjun made a comeback with second single album “Jubilate” last month and have since been promoting his title track “Way to Your Heart.” Highly acclaimed producer Tommy Coster, who co-wrote “The Real Slim Shady” with Dr. Dre and Eminem, participated in the composition of the title track. Jjun also expanded his music skills and wrote the lyrics for “Way to Your Heart,” which he talks more about in our special interview with the talented guy!

Check it out below! Don’t forget to click the CC button for English subs! French, Spanish, and Portuguese subs coming soon!

Additionally, Soompi is giving away five autographed CDs of “Jubilate.” The giveaway will last for three days, from Tuesday, November 25 12pm (KST) to Friday, November 29 12pm (KST). We will be announcing the winners in the article throughout the contest duration so make sure to come back and take a look!!

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