Crayon Pop Previews New Addicting Dance Move with “Lonely Christmas” MV Teaser

The quirky girls of Crayon Pop will be releasing a new single for the holiday season, officially titled in English “Lonely Christmas“! After their hit sensation “Bar Bar Bar,” much attention was given to Crayon Pop’s new dance and costume concept. After showcasing their Christmas themed outfits through their image teasers, the girls are back to give a short preview to what is expected to be an addictive and viral dance sensation.

The music video teaser for “Lonely Christmas” shows the girls dressed in red and green outfits. In particular, their tops have a ribbon accessory on it, making the members of Crayon Pop seem like gifts. As for their choreography, the girls shake their legs wildly while remaining in the same spot, a move that many Koreans are familiar with as the “dog’s leg dance.” As for the track itself, it sounds quite addicting with a similar tone and melody to “Bar Bar Bar.”

Watch the teaser for yourself, and tell us what you think!