Feast Your Eyes and Ears on 2AM with their “Nocturne” Album Jacket and MV Sketch

What does 2AM bring you every time with their music releases? A feast for your eyes and ears. 

Check out the video sketch for the album jacket shoot for 2AM’s new mini album “Nocturne.” In it, you can watch the members playing games, joking around with each other, and generally looking good on the set of the photo shoot. Though the song (“Regret”) in the background is somber and the members are photographed with moody expressions, viewers won’t be able to contain their smiles, especially when at the 1:08 mark, Jinwoon smiles brightly like a child after the photographer compliments him on his good looks.

Now watch the music video sketch for the title track “Regret.” Did you view the teaser yesterday? Because while the boys look very composed and sophisticated in the video, behind the scenes, as the sketch reveals, they were freezing their pants off. 

The album drops November 27.