“Reply 1994” Director States Extension Is Still Undecided

When a drama reaches a certain level of popularity and ratings, the question of an extension always comes up. TvN’s hit drama “Reply 1994” is no exception. With ratings that go higher and higher each episode and the “Reply 1994” fever taking over the media and TV audience, the question of an extension is on the tip of everyone’s tongues. The director of “Reply 1994,” PD Shin Won Ho, responded to that question recently, but with an answer that only adds fuel to the fire.

In a phone call with Star News, director Shin Won Ho stated, in regards to an extension of the 20-episode drama, “Nothing has been decided yet.” His answer was not a definite no, nor a definite yes, leaving those who want more of Trash oppa and Chilbong unsatisfied.

There are many factors to consider when debating the question of an extension. First is the schedule and the health of the cast. While in the beginning, filming occurred at a leisurely schedule, now, as the scripts are being reported as coming out later and later, the shooting schedule is too hectic and tight for the cast to be able to rest. Second is the pacing of the drama since each episode of “Reply 1994” revolves around a theme, and forcing new themes and plotlines might drag the story.

What do you think, drama fans? Do you want an extension for “Reply 1994”? Do you think there is enough story for an extension? Is more of Trash oppa, Chilbong, Samcheonpo, Haitai, Binggeurae, Na Jung, and Yoon Jin all you want?

Although the real variety show “Nunas Over Flowers” is schedule to air after “Reply 1994” finishes it run, starting December 29, tvN reps also teased, “We can be flexible as long as the production team [of “Reply 1994″] wants it.”

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