Sechs Kies’ Eun Ji Won, Jang Soo Won and Kim Jae Duk Reunite for “DSP Festival”

Jang Soo Won and Kim Jae Duk have confirmed their attendance at DSP’s festival concert, making it a Sechs Kies reunion of sorts.

Musical duo J-Walk’s members, Jang Soo Won and Kim Jae Duk, have decided to attend DSP Media’s first family concert “DSP Festival” on December 14. Eun Ji Won confirmed his attendance earlier, and together the three will perform as “Trio Sechs Kies.”

This will be Sechs Kies’ first official performance together 13 years after disbanding. While they’ve appeared on broadcast programs together a couple of times since, they will be standing on stage together officially under the Sech Kies banner for the first time.

During the concert, they’ll perform as “Trio Sech Kies” and will also have collaboration performances with their DSP junior artists to revive the memory of first-generation top idol group “Sech Kies.”

Initially it was unclear if Jang Su Won and Kim Jae Duk would be able to participate in the concert, as they were scheduled to begin preparing for a new album comeback. However, with former leader Eun Ji Won finalizing his appearance, the chance for a Sech Kies reunion after a long separation was too good to pass up, so they made the difficult decision to adjust their schedule to join in the festivities

Fans will be curious to see what special performance “Trio Sechs Kies” can pull off.

DSP Media’s first family concert “DSP Festival” will bring together all the artists who have illuminated DSP’s 22 year history. The festival will mobilize past and present artists, Sechs Kies, Click-B, Park Jung Min (SS501), Kara and Rainbow, and will be held on December 14 at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul.