Kim Yoo Mi Acknowledges Dating Jung Woo and Opens Up About Relationship

Actress Kim Yoo Mi has acknowledged her dating Jung Woo and slightly opened up about their relationship on “Radio Star.”

Kim Yoo Mi along with actor Jung Joon, comedian Jo Sae Ho and singer Navi were guests on “Radio Star” on November 27.

During the episode, Kim Yoo Mi said, “I am receiving a lot of uncomfortable questions about my love life. But honestly, Jung Woo is an actor and I am an actress too so I am being very cautious.”

She continued, “I am keeping etiquette since the drama he is starring in is very popular and I’m afraid that I would interfere with the fans who are immersed in the drama,” as she rejected the MCs request for her to leave a video message to Jung Woo.

MC Kim Gura jokingly replied, “These days, Yoo Yeon Seok‘s parts are increasing and the Samchunpo couple’s parts are increasing too. Jung Woo’s parts have slightly decreased.”

Kim Yoo Mi also revealed that Jung Woo was the one who asked her out first while they were working together on a film. Lastly, Kim Yoo Mi confessed that she was a fan of “Reply 1994” by saying she watches the show every week.

Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Mi and Jung Woo were reported to be dating earlier this month. Some reports even stated that the two have already made marriage plans, which the couple later denied. The couple also met some drama due to Jung Woo’s ex-girlfriend, Kim Jin. This caused Jung Woo to fall ill due to the stress.

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