Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA Goes for A Sophisticated Bob

Brown Eyed Girls member JeA recently revealed that she got a stylish haircut and decided on getting a sophisticated bob. 

On November 30, she shared a photo on Twitter with the caption, “Cut it all off~ It’s the first time since middle school that I’ve had it at this length.” 

In the photo, JeA takes an up-close selca of her newest haircut while wearing a nicely contrasting, deep navy blue sweater. The photo drew more attention for JeA’s pretty features that were captured in the photo as well. 

Netizens commented, “JeA looks amazing in a bob” and “I think JeA became prettier while dating.” 

In other news, JeA’s relationship with YG Entertainment producer Choi Pil Kang has been gaining a lot of attention lately from the public.