M.I.B Releases MV for “Worry About Yourself First” Featuring the Vocals of A Pink’s Bomi

The boys of M.I.B are back with their new song “Worry About Yourself First” and the music video!

After releasing an exciting teaser and then postponing the original release date, the fans have been eagerly waiting for the full song to come out. On December 2 at noon, the digital single hit the music stores and the music video was uploaded on YouTube. 

“Worry About Yourself First” features singer A Pink‘s adorable Yoon Bo Mi. It is also the first time for M.I.B to collaborate with a girl group member. The group’s agency Jungle Entertainment commented, “Even though it is the first time M.I.B collaborates with a girl group member, the members’ voices match Yoon Bo Mi’s voice very well, and the harmony is praiseworthy. The song has been composed and arranged by member 5Zic, and all of the members participated in writing the lyrics. Like the title hints, ‘Why Don’t You Start’ is about a couple, who does not understand each other’s stance on their situation. It is a memorable song that through emotional vocals and rapping, reflects the sad feelings lovers have when they are about to break up. It feels like M.I.B and Yoon Bo Mi are having a conversation, the song is that well constructed.”

The music video is filtered black and white, adding to the sad emotions of the song. It shows the handsome members of M.I.B individually walking along a path by the sea with images of female is cut in between. 

What do you think of the track and music video?