Jo Jung Chi and Jung In Climb a Mountain for Their Wedding

The beloved Jo Jung Chi and Jung In couple revealed their wedding photos on top of Jiri Mountain.

On December 3, Jo Jung Chi and Jung In tweeted photos of their climb to the top of the mountain. Jung In especially expressed her affection for her husband through posting a photo of the couple leaning towards each other for a kiss.

Another photo revealed Jung In wearing a cute corsage on her head rather than a glamorous wedding dress. She confessed about the corsage, “I actually made this in a rush with the fabric I bought to make curtains.” Jo Jung Chi added his own description of the photo saying, “The couple that endured the strenuous climb to reach the peak of the mountain.”

Jung In reminisced about her wedding and wrote, “A pretty ring made with stars, the sound of fellow climbers singing through their noses, the beautiful sunrise we thought we were going to miss because we woke up late, promise.”

Meanwhile, the couple made their marital status official by registering their marriage on November 29.

Jo Jung Chi, Jung In