SISTAR’s Hyorin Speaks Up About Her Frustration at the Editing of Her Plastic Surgery Confession

In the recent recording of the MBC talk show “Golden Fishery-Radio Star,” Hyorin, member of SISTAR, addressed her plastic surgery accusations and controversy over whether she was honest about it or not. During her previous appearance on “Radio Star,” Hyorin had mentioned that in the past, she had inquired at a hospital to get work done on her face. However, the doctor told her she needed to fix ten places on her face if she had wanted even one place done. With just this part going out in the broadcast of that episode, it had seemed like Hyorin didn’t tell the truth about getting plastic surgery done on her eyelids.

According to Hyorin, she had revealed on variety shows that she had gotten plastic surgery done, but the shows always edited that part out. Now that there are pictures circulating that proof she had plastic surgery, people are accusing her of being dishonest about it. Hyorin stated that it is unfair that the netizens believe that she had only been honest recently due to the revealing of her past photos. She believes that she had always been honest, but that part of her confession had always been edited out.

Hyo Rin Plastic Surgery

Meanwhile, Hyorin is currently busy promoting her first solo album and the title track “One Way Love.”