Jun Ji Hyun is the New Face of Jewelry Brand Didier Dubot

Actress Jun Ji Hyun has been chosen as the new model for the French jewelry brand Didier Dubot.

On December 5, Didier Dubot announced, “Jun Ji Hyun has been chosen as the new model for Didier Dubot after the French top model and actress Lea Seydoux.”

A representative of the brand stated, “Jun Ji Hyun possesses a vibrant charm as the symbol of a lively woman every woman in this generation desires. This is expressed through her gazes and gestures,” explaining why she was chosen as the model.

On November 20, Jun Ji Hyun made her presence clear on the set of the photo shoot with her fit body and with her gazes and poses no one else could imitate. The staff on site marveled at her ability to express both pureness and sensuality.

Meanwhile, Jun Ji Hyun will be starring in her first drama in 14 years on SBS’ new Wednesday – Thursday drama “My Lover From the Stars.” The dramas will premier on December 18 after the final episode of “The Heirs” airs next week.

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