Comedian Yang Sang Guk Reveals that He Feared He Suffered from Depression

Comedian Yang Sang Guk recently made a personal revelation that he suffered from depression.

The confession aired on the December 7 episode of KBS2‘s thought provoking variety show “Human Condition.”

During this episode, Yang Sang Guk underwent medical tests to measure his stress levels. The results showed that his stress levels were pretty low, and that his condition couldn’t be classified as a disease. After receiving the results, the surprised comedian said, “Even 6 months ago, I was worried that I might be depressed. Work was not enjoyable and I disliked everything.”

The psychiatrist then advised the comedian, “You have to have positive thoughts about yourself. If you keep focusing on why you are depressed, it will become more difficult. It’s important to be aware of yourself.”

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The comedian started to stress more after his relationship with star Chun Yi Seul were made public. He received many negative comments from the public about his new relationship with the beautiful actress. Many of his fans were shocked to hear that the comedian suffered from depression.