Wheesung Says Gummy Used to Be a Scary Vocal Trainer

On December 7, Wheesung went against 5 talented vocal mimics in JTBC‘s “Hidden Singer.” During the episode, host Jun Hyun Moo said, “I heard Gummy used to be your vocal trainer,” at which Gummy said, “I wasn’t his teacher. People have it wrong..” 

Wheesung denied, “That’s not true, she was my teacher. She was so scary. When I was recording ‘Can’t We,’ she locked the door to the studio and scolded me, telling me to do it over again,” revealing a relationship with Gummy that goes way back.

In this episode of “Hidden Singer,” the whole audience seemed absolutely stumped trying to figure out which singer was or wasn’t Wheesung.

Check out some of the clips below to see if you can tell the difference!