Lee Kwang Soo Is Surprised By The Extent of His Popularity

Running Man” entertainer and actor Lee Kwang Soo, recently expressed his gratitude and surprise for the fans he meet in Singapore while promoting, “Dinosaur Adventure 3D” while being interviewed on the december 8 broadcast of “Section TV Entertainment News.” 

The actor talked about a fan meeting he recently returned from on a trip to Southeast Asia. He said, “They saw me and screamed, ‘Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Kwang Soo.’ I was extremely surprised at the great response I received there.” 

He also revealed that he practiced “Because I love You” over and over again for his live performance for his fan meeting in Singapore. 

For the year 2014, the beloved giraffe expressed his wish to find a girlfriend. He described his ideal as, “cute and someone who laughs easily.” 

In related news, Lee Kwang Soo is the voice actor behind Patchi, the main character of animated film, “Dinosaur Adventure 3D,” which will hit theaters on December 19.