Running Man’s Gary Says Song Ji Hyo’s Crime Was Stealing His Heart

Song Ji Hyo was recently “imprisoned” for being pretty on the latest episode of “Running Man” on December 8. The episode hosted actors Gong Yoo and Park Hee Soon, who are starring in the new movie “The Suspect,” and featured a “life or death” race.

During the race, Song Ji Hyo was charged and held for “good looks,” at which the actress put on a coy expression, unable to hide her pleasure.

While the other members of the “Running Man” cast heavily protested this charge, Song Ji Hyo’s significant other on the show, Gary, admitted that it is indeed a crime, “because she stole his heart.”

Netizens who heard about this “crime” wholeheartedly agreed with Gary, saying that it is a crime, that she stole their hearts, too, etc.

Lee Kwang Soo, among others, was also charged with many crimes during the episode, including a theater/skit crime, crime of cowardice, misfortune, betrayal, etc.

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo’s new movie “The Suspect” is coming soon on December 24!