TVXQ’s Yunho and His Fans Perform Good Deed in Ghana

TVXQ‘s Yunho and his fans all have good hearts!

SM Entertainment released many images of TVXQ’s Yunho in Ghana through its official Facebook page yesterday. These images document Yunho’s visit to Ghana and his volunteer work there through the KBS volunteer program “2013 Road for Hope.” While there, he met up with 14-year-old Luke, who works at a cacao farm earning less than a dollar a day under very poor conditions. He also conversed and played with other Ghanaian children, who showed bright, innocent faces despite their hardship.

Hearing of Yunho’s work in Ghana, the idol star’s international fans joined him in doing good work, gathering donations to support Ghanaian children. To celebrate Yunho’s debut day which is December 26, fans from all over the world donated approximately 30,000 USD to feed hungry children and construct schools in Ghana. 

Yunho’s episode of “2013 Road for Hope” aired December 7 on KBS.

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