Secret Is Thrilled at the Confession of Love in “I Do I Do” Music Video

After an eight month hiatus, girl group Secret is back with their third mini single album “Gift from Secret.”  It released the full music video for the title track, “I Do I Do,” through their agency’s official YouTube channel.

“I Do I Do” is a bouncy mid-tempo song with a Christmas carol flavor. The music video also displays holiday cheer, showing the four lovely ladies of Secret in festive outfits looking sweet and happy amongst the Christmas decorations and gifts, and also the letter of confession they have received.

Fellow label-mate, Sleepy from Untouchable, also participated in Secret’s new album, writing the lyrics for the track “Remember Me” that is included in “Gift from Secret.” “Remember Me” is composed by Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum

Check out “I Do I Do” below!