Ballad Trio Monday Kiz Releases Teaser for Upcoming Single “Kiss”

The talented trio Monday Kiz has released a captivating teaser for their upcoming single “Kiss” on KT Music‘s Youtube channel. After viewing the trailer, we can presume that the MV will contain a complicated love story, as it shows a man who is in love with a girl who already has a boyfriend.

The song features the classical sounds of the violin and piano over a fast paced beat. We also get to hear the powerful vocals of the trio, and the song should be an emotional hit.

Fans of Monday Kiz will be able to hear the full song when it is released on December 12.

Monday Kiz originally debuted in 2005 as a duo, but after the tragic death of a member in 2008, the remaining member recruited two new members. Learn more about the group Monday Kiz here.