KBS Invites YG Entertainment to Year-End KBS Gayo Daejun, YG Declines Due to Scheduling Conflicts

YG Entertainment artists, such as BIGBANG, 2NE1, Lee Hi and Epik High, could have been on “KBS Gayo Daejun,” KBS’ annual year-end music show, this year.

A representative from KBS entertainment department revealed on December 9, “We have asked YG Entertainment to appear on this year’s ‘KBS Gayo Daejun’ on December 27. YG Entertainment’s side has replied that they will need to check on their artists’ schedules before confirming if they will be performing this year.”

KBS later stated that, “We sent a love call to YG Entertainment, but we received a reply today that it would be difficult for them to perform on the show. Due to year-end concerts and other pre-arranged schedules, they have decided that they will not be able to attend.”

YG Entertainment’s artists have not appeared on “KBS Gayo Daejun” in recent years; it would have been their first time on the show in four years. While they did not appear on KBS Gayo Daejun from 2010 to 2012, YG artists have regularly participated in SBS and MBC’s “Gayo Daejuns.

KBS and YG Entertainment have been in conflict with one another over KBS Gayo Daejun’s appearance criteria for ages, and while YG artists have not been performing on KBS, they have appeared on various KBS programs this year. It seems that the two parties have finally resolved their long-standing conflict.

This year’s KBS Gayo Daejun is scheduled for December 27.

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There are other other various reports that state the KBS and YG are working together to accommodate each other’s schedule, leaving the possibility of YG artists’ appearance at the year-end show still a possibility.

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