Lee Gikwang and Lee Da In Are a Playful Couple for “Twenty Years Old”

New stills of the upcoming drama, “Twenty Years Old” shows an affectionate Lee Ki Kwang and actress Lee Da In.

On December 9, CJ E&M revealed new photos of Lee Ki Kwang and Lee Da In, being playful and cute while they were on set for the four-episode drama, “Twenty Years Old.”

“Twenty Years Old” is about Lee Ki Kwang’s secret dating relationship with a single-since-birth college student Hye Rim (played by Lee Da In) after he made it big as an idol star.

The two characters went to the same middle school and have met up again unexpectedly. In the drama, Ki Kwang, who had always had a spot for Hye Rim in his heart, confesses to her and they start to date while trying to avoid the public’s eye.

In the revealed stills, Lee Ki Kwang and Lee Da In show their close relationship on set, being playful and affectionate.

Lee Ki Kwang and Lee Da In’s upcoming romantic comedy drama “Twenty Years Old” will air on December 19 through Kakao Page.

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