Lee Seung Hwan and Lim Kim Release Duet Track “Soap” and MV

Rocker Lee Seung Hwan and songstress Lim Kim have finally released the music video and track for their duet song “Soap“!

“Soap” is a duet with Lim Kim and Lee Seung Hwang, who are part of Mystic89 and Dream Factory Club, respectively. The agencies Mystic89 and Dream Club Factory recently teamed up in a new strategic partnership. 

Technically “Soap” is a single album from Lee Seung Hwan featuring Lim Kim. The track is Lee Seung Hwan’s gift to fans as he looks toward the celebration of 25 years since his debut. As a artist who has always pushed boundaries, “Soap” also follows the same path with its lyrics that describe a boyfriend and girlfriend living together, a topic not often explored in Korean music. 

The music video features a faceless man and woman, seen in intimate scenes that come along with a romantic relationship. Lee Seung Hwan and Lim Kim are also featured in the music video, delivering the lyrics and emotions of the song with subtlety and skill.

Check out the music video below!