With only two episodes left of SBS’ “The Heirs,” fans of this drama are sure to be a little sad and nostalgic of the past ten weeks. Fans won’t be the only ones, as the young casts of “The Heirs” also reminisce about their favorite and most memorable scenes. Take a trip down memory lane with Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo BinKrystal, Kang Min Hyuk, Kim Ji Won, and Park Hyung Sik as they name their favorite or best scenes from the drama.

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Lee Min Ho’s choice was the scene during which his character, Kim Tan, announces publicly for the first time that he is an illegitimate son. In this emotional and climatic scene, Kim Tan holds on to his birth mother’s (Kim Sung Ryung) hand and declares his birth mother as his real mother for the first time in his life in front of his fiancé and her mother.

Lee  Min Ho stated, “My heart started beating fast right from the moment I held the script. I couldn’t get rid of the heavy, painful feeling in my heart all throughout the filming as I thought about Kim Tan’s emotions and what he will face. I don’t think I will be able to forget this scene.”

Lee Min Ho also added, “I also remember the scene in which I fight with KimWoo Bin in the street. It was the scene in which Kim Tan’s emotions fall without end into the ground.”

heirs min ho woo bin

Park Shin Hye’s choice for the best scenes were the scenes in which her character, Cha Eun Sang, prepared the notepads for her mother before she ran away to the U.S. and when she cried with her mother upon her return. 

She also added to the list the scene in which Kim Tan back hugs her, saying he can’t let her ago after he follows her to the town she ran away to, even after she had warned him to stay away.

Park Shin Hye described, “For the scenes in which I cry holding my mom, and I leave Kim Tan, I cried as soon as I read the script. It was difficult for me even after I finished filming because of the sad emotions left.”

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Kim Woo Bin picked a favorite scene that many fans of “The Heirs” will agree with. He chose the scene in which his character, Choi Young Do, eats the meal prepared by Cha Eun Sang’s mom. This would be Choi Young Do’s first home-made meal in years, made by a mother-figure that has been missing his own life.

Kim Woo Bin commented, “I think it was the scene in which I was best able to portray, however indirectly, the pain and sadness that Young Do carries around.”

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Krystal, who plays the adorably jealous Lee Bo Na, chose the scene in which Choi Young Do runs to Kim Tan to bring him to his mother, paralleling the past in which young Kim Tan did the same for Choi Young Do.

Krystal explained, “This scene left an impression as it showed Choi Young Do not wanting Kim Tan to have the same regret he has after losing his chance to meet his own mother due to his anger toward Kim Tan. I was able to feel Choi Young Do’s warm heart despite his cold outer appearance.”

heirs kim woo bin

Kang Min Hyuk, who plays the boyfriend that every girl wants, Yoon Chan Young,  named the scene in which Lee Bo Na runs away from Yoon Chang Young in the school hallway, embarrassed  after her confession was broadcast all over school for everyone to hear.

Kang Min Hyuk commented, “As well as happily filming the lovey-dovey scene with Bo Na, I also laugh immediately when I see it on screen. It’s an unforgettable scene.”

heirs kang min hyuk krystal

Kim Ji Won, who plays Kim Tan’s fiancé Yoo Rachel, named her most memorable scene as the first time Rachel meets Eun Sang at the airport. She explained, “Smart and outspoken Rachel left a deep impression on me as she rapidly shot out Japanese to Eun Sang.

heirs kim ji won

Park Hyung Sik plays the character of Jo Myung Soo, the drama’s resident cutie. He picked the first scene in which he filmed with Kim Woo Bin in Jo Myung Soo’s studio as his most memorable. During this scene, Jo Myung Soo showed up off powerful aegyo. Park Hyung Sik described the scene as the one that formed his character in the drama, and he also thanked the writer, director, and staff for helping to create such a lovable character.

heirs park hyung sik

“The Heirs” is in its final week, with episode 19 and 20 to air on Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM KST, respectively.

Readers, what were some of your favorite scenes? The forehead kiss scene between Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang? Choi Young Do embracing Cha Eun Sang in the police station after finally finding her? Or every scene with Bo Na and Chan Young?

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