EXO and A Pink Embroiled in an Online Game Chatting Controversy, Both Sides Respond

Earlier in the day of December 11 (KST) , stories about a “A Pink and EXO‘s Game Conversation” began circulating online, becoming a hot issue as the conversation reportedly contained cursing. It started at a certain online community when a post was uploaded with an audio file and a message that said the audio was a recording of an inappropriate conversation between EXO and A Pink.  It was supposedly a conversation held between two EXO members and two A Pink members while playing a popular online game. 

In the audio, according to No Cut News, EXO member Sehun‘s name turns up, as well A Pink member Bomi‘s name. The conversation is playful and casual, as the people in the audio heatedly play the online game. At the end of the audio, the people recorded notice that there is someone else in the chatting room, and as they show surprise, the recording ends.

The person who claims she released the audio, revealed on her blog that she had been watching EXO play the online game for some time. She said, “As soon as EXO started the game, they said, ‘Come to hiyibbeum-1212-tok.’ So I found the room, typed ‘1212,’ and was able to get in.”

Both A Pink and EXO’s agency have responded to this controversy, releasing statements to various media outlets. A Pink’s agency, ACube Entertainment stated, “The female voices in the audio file circulating on the internet are not A Pink’s.” It elaborated, “A Pink members only play simple mobile games while they are traveling between schedules. They don’t play the online game at issue on the internet. They don’t even have contact with EXO.”

EXO’s agency, SM Entertainment, stated, “It seems a conversation held during a game between the [EXO] members and their acquaintances have been leaked.” It explained that the acquaintances are not celebrities, and added, “We currently don’t have a detailed response plan yet.”

In addition, the text conversation between the person who leaked the audio file and EXO member Suho have been released. The message is sent to “Kim Joon Myun,” which is Suho’s real name. The person asks Suho if he won’t file charges against her if she leaks the audio file between EXO and A Pink. Suho asks if she is threatening them, and the female keeps explaining that she is just asking. Suho asks what is it that she wants, and the female replies that she isn’t threatening him; she’s merely asking if she will be charged with anything. Suho informs this female that the females in the conversation are not celebrities so he doesn’t want any damages coming to them. When the discloser insists that the females in the conversation are A Pink because the name “bboom” was used, Suho explains that he was just using a nickname. He then tells the discloser to ask the court if she is curious, not him.

exo convo 1

exo convo 2

EXO was recently embroiled in another online controversy when a fake petition asking for the members of EXO to be exempt from their mandatory military service began circulating online.

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