Kim Hee Sun, Lee Seo Jin, Ok Taecyeon and Hwang Soo Jung Confirmed for New KBS Weekend Drama “Good Times Indeed”

Good Times Indeed” has confirmed castings for Kim Hee Sun, Lee Seo Jin, Ok Taecyeon (2PM), Hwang Soo Jung and Ryu Seung Soo. It will be the first drama in a while for all the actors, Kim Hee Sun’s last drama was the SBS drama “Faith” (2012), Lee Seo Jin last drama work was with MBC’s “Gye Baek” (2011), and Hwang Soo Jung was in KBS “Drama Special – For the Sake of My Son” in 2011. Their return to television has attracted attention to their comeback project.

Casting for “Good Times Indeed” is said to have been completed, with one drama representative stating, “The main cast for ‘Good Times Indeed’ will be finalized by December.” Another representative said, “We are finishing up the last of our talks.”

Earlier today, PD Na Young Suk and Hook Entertainment, Lee Seo Jin’s agency, both confirmed that the actor will participate in filming the third season of Grandpas Over Flowers.” Since filming for “Grandpas Over Flowers” is slated to take place at the end of January or early February, it is expected that Lee Seo Jin’s drama filming will not be too affected.

“Good Times Indeed” is a family story spanning three generations, and will be directed by “Nice Guy” PD Kim Jin Won and written by renowned writer Lee Kyung Hee. The drama will follow KBS 2TV’s currently airing weekend drama “King’s Family,” and is expected to air in February 2014.