“Reply 1994” Sam Chun Po Shows Manners Toward Yoon Jin Behind the Scenes

As fans have fallen in love with the second main couple of “Reply 1994,” the manners the two actors have shown towards each other behind the scenes make fans admire the couple even more.

Known as the ‘Poh Man Couple’ on screen, the couple was captured in a photo assisting each other even when the camera was not rolling. The photo shows actor Kim Sung Kyun, who plays Sam Chun Po, assisting Do Hee, who plays Yoon Jin, with a prop for the drama.

reply 1994

Furthermore, the photo conveys how despite being a couple on screen, Kim Sung Kyun acts as a caring older brother towards Do Hee, who is the youngest actor among the actors. The photo illustrates how the filming atmosphere of tvN’s “Reply 1994” continues to provide a caring environment for the actors and staff.