Gong Yoo Picks Song Kang Ho As Actor Who Becomes Sexier With Age

Actor Gong Yoo recently ranked senior actor Song Kang Ho at the top of his list of actors who seem to age gracefully and become sexier over the years. 

In an interview with Newsen, Gong Yoo brought up Song Kang Ho while on the discussion of age. According to the interviewer, Gong Yoo’s eyes lit up when he mentioned Song Kang Ho, unlike actresses he had mentioned in previous interviews. The actor went on to express why he had a man crush on Song Kang Ho, who he claimed was one of his favorite actors.

Gong Yoo praised Song Kang Ho on keeping his sexy appeal saying, “Whenever I look at Song Kang Ho, I think he’s really amazing. As he gets older, it seems like he becomes sexier with age. I don’t think there’s been another male actor before him that’s ever been able to maintain a sexy image around that age. Even when I see foreign actors like Sean Connery and George Clooney, I’ve never thought they were sexy. But I find Song Kang Ho to be sexy.”