Why Former Nine Muses Member Rana Left the Group Revealed in “Challenge 1000 Songs”

Supermodel and former Nine Muses member Rana‘s reason for leaving Nine Muses was revealed on the December 15 episode of “Challenge 1000 Songs.”

On the episode, host Lee Hwi Jae introduced RaNa as someone who “really can’t sing,” and in all seriousness poked a little bit of fun at the supermodel.

At this, her partner, Lim Ji Yeon (1984’s Miss Korea), said, “I asked her earlier why she quit being a singer, and she said, ‘You’ll see later. I can’t sing.’” Rana, embarrassed, lightly hit her senior on the shoulder. 

 Host Jang Yoon Jung jumped in as well, saying, “I saw it too. She really can’t sing.” 

Rana debuted in 2008, getting first place at a supermodel pageant, and after a short time left the 9-member group Nine Muses this past 2011.

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