Son Dam Bi Releases Teaser Image for Digital Single “Red Candle”

Sexy diva Son Dam Bi  will be making her long-awaited comeback with the release of her third digital single, “Red Candle” on December 23! 

The singer will be trying out a different genre of music for “Red Candle,” which has been revealed to carry a bossa nova rhythm and likely to enrapture listeners with Son Dam Bi’s sultry vocals to go with it. “Bossa nova” is actually a style of music that incorporates elements of samba and jazz.The lyrics are about falling in love and being consumed by the elation and anxiety of losing control when you give your heart to someone.

Pledis Entertainment representatives revealed, “Unlike previous stage performances, where Son Dam Bi received much love for her dancing queen image, she will returning as a vocalist to showcase her talent that was previously hidden and not as emphasized before.”