K.Will and Noel’s Jeon Woo Sung Sing to Lee Seung Gi and Song Min Kyung’s Sad Love Story in “TearsPerfume” MV

K.Will and Noel‘s Jeong Woo Sung has come to together for Doublekick‘s furth project album, singing “TearsPerfume.” The album and music video has just been released with Lee Seung Gi and The Seeya‘s Song Min Kyung as leads. 

“TearsPerfume” is acoustic pop-ballad song with a powerful string instrument background and sorrowful lyrics. In th music video, Lee Seung Gi and Song Min Kyung portray lovers who have been separated by death. All that is left for Lee Seung Gi is the scent of love and tears as memories of Song Min Kyung haunt him. This is the first time Lee Seung Gi has appeared in another singer’s music video.