[Exclusive] AOA Autographed Album Giveaway + Special Interview!

Hey Soompiers! The awesome ladies of AOA took some time out to answer some of our questions during their break. Aren’t they great?

AOA dropped its fourth single “Red Motion” in October this year, wowing their fans and the public by successfully transforming their image from cute to sexy. We’ve also held a special contest with genie K-POP and AOA recently, which you can see the results here! The members looked like they had so much fun~

Additionally, Soompi is giving out three AUTOGRAPHED AOA “Red Motion” CDs!

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Soompi: If it’s all right, please share a little with us about your upcoming album concept.

We briefly mentioned through “Cheongdamdong 111” about our next album. Brave Brothers will participate in the upcoming album. Please look forward to it!

Soompi: It has been a year and a half since debut. What has changed the most for the group?

Yuna: Before debut, we thoughtlessly just focused on practicing our singing and dancing in order to debut. After debuting, it seems that we watch more music programs, variety shows, and talk programs as well as listen to radio programs.

Chanmi: We would practice our seniors’ choreography before debut. Now, we have a lot of songs and would practice choreography on our own songs.

Jimin: I sleep less. I’m the type to sleep a lot. But, since there are a lot of activities, I think that sleeping less is the biggest difference for me.

Soompi: What is your most important goal for next year?

Yuna: It definitely would be for AOA to get first place! We plan to aim big and diligently promote in 2014.

Soompi: If you could perform a concert anywhere, where would you choose?

Yuna, Chanmi: We really want to hold a solo concert in Korea.

Jimin: Would really like to have a concert in Seoul. If there’s an opportunity, we would like to not just hold big performances, but also participate in meaningful small concerts where proceeds are donated to good causes.

Seolhyun: I’d like to hold concerts at an orphanage, hospital or a remote place for people who are going through hard times whether it’s because of financial, health or other reasons.

Soompi: Other than the members of the band unit (AOA Black), do the other members know how to play any other instruments (or have been learning an instrument.)

Chanmi: I don’t know how to play any instruments now, but would like to learn the djembe.

Seolhyun: I know how to play the piano, but like to practice it more. If there’s an opportunity, I’d like to learn the guitar.

Soompi: Right before going on stage, do you do anything to get pumped up to perform?

Jimin: Since our team name is “Ace of Angels,” we chose “Angel, angel, lets fly” as our chant. We’ve been looking for a new chant as the one we have now seems a bit outdated. I personally pray before we go on stage.

Chanmi: We also tell each other not to get nervous and lets do our best before we go up on stage. I’ve been stretching before I go up on stage for this promotion and it has helped with me dancing better.

Soompi: Final message to Soompiers?

Thank you for constantly showing us AOA a lot of love. We will come out showing our better selves! Please look forward to us. Soompi chaego!

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