YG Entertainment Artists Dominate Billboard’s Chart for 2013’s Biggest-Selling K-Pop Songs in America

PSY landed three spots on Billboard’s chart for 2013’s Biggest-Selling K-Pop Songs in America. On December 19, Billboard’s Year-End World Digital Song Chart revealed the most popular K-Pop songs sold in America were PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” and “Gentleman,” respectively ranking in first and second on the chart.

‘Gangnam Style,” which was released last July and made PSY into a world star, remained the most downloaded song in 2013. “Right Now,” a track included in PSY’s fifth album which was released in 2010 also confirmed the singer’s popularity in America by landing the eighth spot on the chart.

In the No. 3 spot was Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby,” and in forth was Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy.” The No. 5 spot was filled by EXO’s “Growl.” The group also took No. 9 with “Wolf.”

2NE1’s “I Am the Best” came in at No. 6, and CL’s “Bad Girl” took No. 7. 2NE1 also ranked No. 10 with “Falling in Love,” matching Psy with a total of three tracks on the chart. Furthermore, the three artists from YG Entertainment dominated the chart with a total of seven tracks within the top ten ranks.