[Exclusive] Add Soompi on LINE and Win Free Goodies!

UPDATE: Winners have been announced! Please check your email inbox with the email address you sent us during “On Air” (or the junk/spam folder) to see if you received an email that you’ve won! 

Remember, you have to reply back with the required information within 24 hours from the time we sent you the email!

Hey Soompiers!

We previously announced our partnership with LINE and now we’re proud to announce a special joint giveaway for those who add us on the popular communication app!

We’ll be randomly giving away 20 LINE character plushies (aren’t they soo cute?!) and 10 random signed K-Pop CDs to Soompiers who participate in the giveaway. Check the “Important Note” section below for the exact time and answers to possible questions you might have! 

So, how do you participate?
1. Download mobile app LINE (Line’s website)
2. Add Soompi’s official account (Go to More > Official Accounts > Soompi)
3. Submit your email address when Soompi goes “On Air”

Add Soompi on LINE
Soompi’s QR Code

Download link (works only on mobile)

Important Note! As the app might be new for many users, we’ve provided answers to common questions below. 

Q: What exactly is “On Air”?
A: “On Air” is a neat function on LINE where fans can send text messages to Soompi’s official account and it will be received! When Soompi is not “On Air,” you usually get a message that we didn’t receive your text.

Q: Okay, got it. But, how do I know when Soompi is “On Air”?
A: There will be an “On Air” sign right next to our account.

Q: Who can participate?
A: Anyone and everyone! Just have to follow the 3 simple steps listed above. ^^

Q: Will other people see my texts?
A: Nope! Only Soompi will see your texts. No one else will be able to see your messages sent to us.

Q: What will you do with our email addresses?
A: We will randomly pick users and contact them through the email address provided that they’ve been selected to win! More information will be included in the email message sent to the winners.

Q: When exactly will Soompi go “On Air”?
A: From Monday, December 23 at 11am (KST) to Tuesday, December 24 at 10:59am (KST)

Q: Will I have a higher chance of winning if I text my email address multiple times?
A: No. Once is enough to qualify to win. If you receive a failed delivery message because of spotty wi-fi or data connection, feel free to submit again. Otherwise, once is enough. ^^

Q: Can I still participate if I already added Soompi before the “On Air” time on Monday, December 23?
A: Absolutely!

Q: I followed all the steps, but don’t see Soompi’s official account on LINE! What do I do?
A: If it doesn’t work for some reason, you can go to Official Accounts and scroll all the way down. Click “Select another Country” and find “United States” if you want the English account. (We have official accounts in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai) You’ll see Soompi under Media.

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