“Running Man” Gary Proposes to Song Ji Hyo She Sleeps Over His House

Just when you think this couple can’t get any cuter, they do. Gary and Song Ji Hyo continue to delight fans with their Monday Couple interaction on this week’s “Running Man” with a surprise proposal from Gary.

The first mission for the members of “Running Man” was to pair up, and while Song Ji Hyo didn’t call Gary first, his number was the only one that went through. Song Ji Hyo rhetorically asked, “Why is Gary the only one to answer?” Fans of this Monday Couple might reply, “Destiny?”

When Song Ji Hyo asked Gary if he wanted to be her partner, he answered, “On Monday, you and I are a couple until we die. Even if you marry, come over and sleep at my house on Mondays,” solidifying for fans everywhere that Monday Couple is forever. 

The mission for this week’s “Running Man” was to rescue Gary who was kidnapped by an unknown perpetrator. Guests included Dynamic Duo, Jung In, Jo Jung Chi, and Leessang‘s Gil.

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