“Man from the Stars” Episode 3 Preview

Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) sees the future where a woman who wears silver heels falls in a pool of water. Although Do Min Joon finds out that the owner of those silver heels is Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun), he promises himself that he will not be involved with humans. Late at night, Chun Song Yi experiences severe abdominal pain and Do Min Joon hears hear pained voice through the wall…


Yoo In Na: Who’s that guy? The one who grabbed your wrist and dragged you out?
Chun Song Yi: We know the feeling. Seems like he’s interested in me.
Jang Young Mok: She’s reincarnated or a doppelganger. Doesn’t seem to be fussing much about it.
Chun Song Yi: Oh, my stomach.
Chun Song Yi: Asia’s… goddess.. *shocked*
Chun Song Yi: It’s because I’m not feeling that well..
Do Min Joon: Do you think that I would listen to that kind of favor?
Chun Song Yi: Please don’t go. When I wake up, please be by my side.
Jang Young Mok: It sounds like it’s possible that the [silver] heels owner can die.
Jang Young Mok: Are you going to get involved like the incident eleven years ago or stay out of it?

“Man from the stars” is a miraculous and sweet love story between alien Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun), who landed on earth 400 years ago, and Hallyu top star Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun). Lee Hwi Kyung (Park Hae Jin), the youngest son of a conglomerate, and actress Yoo Sae Mi (Yoo In Na) with a dark and gloomy personality rounds out the cast. The drama is directed by Jang Tae Yoo (“Tree with Deep Roots”) and the writer Park Ji Eun is known for her past hits (“Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung,” “Queen of Housewives,” “You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly”).

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