Lee Jong Suk: “I Had to Ask My Friend to Get Rid of a Cockroach”

Actor Lee Jong Suk recently revealed his fear of insects.

On December 25, the actor was a guest on SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment” to celebrate Christmas with a special appearance. While conducting the interview, a huge wasp appeared out of nowhere and approached Lee Jong Suk, who immediately laid down on the ground to avoid the invasive wasp. 

Right after the bug disappeared from their sight, he explained, “I hate insects very much. Once I saw a cockroach in our house, and I had to call my friend and ask him to get rid of it,” and revealed his friend’s reaction, “He swore at me.” This surprising story made everyone on set burst into laughter, and even Lee Jong Suk himself laughed at his adorable confession.

However, the bugs continued to harass Lee Jong Suk throughout the interview, causing the producer to worry. Seems like the actor has a very special fan club – insects!

lee jong suk