“Man From the Stars” Kim Chang Wan Talks About Kim Soo Hyun’s Acting

Actor Kim Chang Wan from “Man From the Stars” recently talked about co-star Kim Soo Hyun‘s acting. 

“Man From the Stars” just aired its first episode last week on December 18, telling the story of a 400-year-old alien’s romance (Kim Soo Hyun) with a reckless top-star actress (Jeon Ji Hyun). Just on its third episode, the drama is recording a solid national viewer rating of 19.4%, and is currently the top Wednesday-Thursday drama.

Kim Chang Wan plays the role of lawyer Jang Young Mok in the drama, who has a rather complicated yet simple relationship with Kim Soo Hyun’s character, Do Min Joon. Kim Chang Wan said that this is his first time working with Kim Soo Hyun, and “since we’ve worked together, I see that Soo Hyun has a lot of ambition in acting, and he’s very subtle and detailed. He’s most definitely an actor I will have my eye on.” 

The veteran actor also spoke about dramas in general, and said, “There are a lot of dramas in Korea right now, and truthfully, a drama isn’t made by the director and actors, but is a work completed because the audience watches it. The audience motivates the creation of good dramas.”

Kim Chang Wan is currently hosting “Beautiful Morning with Kim Chang Wan” on SBS Power FM 107.7 from 9 to 11am, and is receiving a lot of love from listeners for his kind answers to their questions. 

Be sure to catch Kim Chang Wan and Kim Soo Hyun’s somewhat bromance on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10pm (KST)!

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