CL Wants A “Scandal” With Taeyang? Teases Fans With Couple-Like Photo

Whereas male celebrities would often be chastised for using “Naughty hands” or making skin-to-skin contact in any fashion with female celebrities, Big Bang‘s Taeyang seemed to be getting rather cozy with CL in a photo she recently posted. 

As far as the public is aware of, CL and Taeyang’s relationship is nothing more than a platonic one, but a new photo posted on CL’s Instagram seems to poke some fun at that assumption. 

On December 28, 2NE1‘s leader CL posted a photo on Instagram with the playful caption, “If only this would become a scandal.” In the photo, Taeyang has his arms around CL’s shoulders as she holds on. 


Whether it was just intended for a couple laughs at the expense of some fans’ greatest ships or fears, these stars do look rather cute. What’s your take on it, Soompiers?