“Reply 1994” Kim Sung Kyun and Do Hee to Appear on “Happy Together”

Reply 1994” couple Sam Cheon Po and Jo Yoon Jin, played by actors Kim Sung Kyun and Tiny-G’s Do Hee respectively, are set to appear on an upcoming episode of “Happy Together.”

The pair filmed for the third season of KBS variety program “Happy Together” on December 28, according to a KBS official. The episode which they filmed for was a special episode titled “2014’s Rising Stars,” and besides the “Reply 1994” couple, Han Joo Wan from weekend drama “King’s Family,” and Seo Ha Joon of recently ended MBC daily drama “Princess Aurora” and Dal Shabet’s Subin are expected to feature on the show as well.

Kim Sung Kyun and Do Hee have received a lot of love for their unaffected acting. They’ve gained a following for their comical and lovable portrayal of a Kyungsang-do male and Jeolla-do female who initially had a cat-and-dog relationship and were always at each other’s throats, but ended up falling in love, showing that love works in mysterious ways. They recently did a duet, “Destiny,” for the show, releasing the final track of the show’s OST.

This is the first time that both are appearing on a variety show together. With “Reply 1994” tied loose ends with the final episode, it is expected that Kim Sung Gyun and Do Hee will be able to give us some juicy details on what went on behind the scenes.

Rookie actor Han Joo Wan gained popularity for his turn as Choi Sang Nam in “King’s Family,” appearing alongside actress Lee Yoon Ji, while Seo Ha Joon played Seol Seol Hee, pairing off with Jeon So Min in “Princess Aurora.” Dal Shabet’s Subin recently made a special appearance on the third episode of SBS drama “Man from the Stars,” and her group is scheduled to make a comeback on January 8.

This epsiode of “Happy Together” is scheduled to broadcast on January 9.